The Shopfront is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals. Personal information is collected, held, used, corrected, disposed of or transferred in accordance with the National Privacy Principles and Privacy Act 1988 as amended.

Personal information, as it is defined in the Act, may be collected and retained by The Shopfront if you send personal information to The Shopfront directly. Any personal information sent to The Shopfront by you, either electronically or in printed form may be retained by The Shopfront.

It will be used only for the purposes for which you told The Shopfront it could be used, or to contact you to respond to your needs and enquiries.

Personal information will be treated with respect and will not be provided to any individual or organisation unconnected with The Shopfront without your express prior written consent, unless we are required by law to do so.

You have a right to access your personal information held by The Shopfront. If you wish to gain access to this information, or to lodge a complaint about the privacy practices of The Shopfront, please put your request or complaint in writing and send it to The Shopfront, PO Box 111, Bentley WA 6102, Australia.

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