September 2019 Newsletter


September is the beginning of the season of spring. Spring conjures up images of new growth, bursting forth of the colours of the blooming flowers and in the wardrobe department we bring out the short sleeved shirts & tops.

Those of our loyal readers who follow AFL would be aware that we are at the midpoint of the Final Series. For 14 of the 18 teams their season has come to an end and now they begin the season of the long layoff and the bitter memories of season 2019 before their season of hope begins as they await 2020! The remaining teams are still joyful, energetic, full of bluster and live “in the certainty” that their team will no doubt be the Premiers!

Life on many fronts parallels a football season. We start the year full of expectation, hopes, dreams and certainties. As we progress there are ups and downs. Along the way we learn much about ourselves, our abilities, how we handle joy and adversity.

As we enter into this spring I am wondering if I can see new life in my relationship with others in much the same way that the blooming of the plants brings hope after the barrenness of winter. Am I able to move on after any ups and downs of my year and focus on the possibilities of the future? Am I still wearing the same old tired colours in attitude or am I ‘resurrecting’ my hopes and seeing what I can achieve.


Gentle Reminder

From time to time we can expect Health Inspectors to visit us to inspect our occupational health & hygiene and food handling. A gentle reminder that we all need to be aware of correct food handling: washing of hands before we start work and as required during the day whilst handling food and also the Act requires us to be wearing gloves when preparing food.

Volunteers Event

Volunteers, you are the lifeblood of The Shopfront, without you we could not operate. You give so much to our visitors and we would like to give back to you with a get together to say thank you.

Please join us at the Bayswater Hotel on Sunday 13th October from 3pm until 5pm. Partners are also very welcome. RSVP to Damian, Rosemary or by email to  before 4th October if possible please.

Volunteer Spotlight

Elizabeth volunteers with The Shopfront on a Wednesday and we love having her on the team! Here is what she has to say about being a Shopfront volunteer.

“My brother Ted was in his mid-60’s when he died.

My professional career was coming to an end.

I thought life is so precious how could I now “give back” to the community.

A couple of my dear friends volunteered at Shopfront so I joined them for a day as a volunteer. That was 8 years ago.

Not only do I thoroughly enjoy my day volunteering at Shopfront meeting and caring for those less fortunate, I have met friends for life who also volunteer.

Teds death had a profound impact on me, and now, in my early sixties I have a great sense of fulfilment since joining Shopfront as a volunteer.

Each day I volunteer at Shopfront I hope that I am able to enrich the lives of those less fortunate and to somehow brighten their day”.

Early Date Claimer

Thanks to the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Bayswater, our Christmas Party for the visitors will once again be at The Rise. We are booked into the conference room for Saturday November 30th.  Rosemary has begun the early preparations and I am sure she will gratefully accept all and any assistance as we get closer to November.

School Visit

Students and their teachers visited The Shopfront recently with various donated goods they collected in their Winter Appeal. We are very appreciative for the donations and it was great to meet some of the students behind this amazing effort! Thank you.

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