November 2019 Newsletter

All Saints

The month of November is traditionally when we remember all of those who have died (Feast of All Souls – November 2nd).  Over recent decades our wider society has also remembered November as the time for “trick or treat” borrowed from the USA or Halloween originally coming from Scotland but these days more associated with the USA.

At the beginning of the month, Christians (Catholic and Anglican) also celebrate the feast of ALL SAINTS. On this day we remember not just those who are consecrated Saints by the Church but all those ordinary everyday people who strive to live their life as best they can.

We know many of these ‘saints’; we see human beings at their best in so many examples, e.g.  the motherly care shown to children despite the child’s many tantrums or the turning of the cheek when people revile and say nasty things about us.  Who will you be celebrating this November 1st All Saints Day? I give thanks to our many volunteers and supporters for the care and thoughtfulness shown to other volunteers and our visitors.

In other words the Feast of All Saints (November 1st) is OUR feast day!


Volunteers Event 13th October

Firstly, thank you to all our volunteers, as Damian mentioned on the day, we could not operate without you! We had a fantastic turnout of volunteers & partners with representatives from every day of the Shopfront week. It was a great opportunity for everyone to mingle with others that they would not normally see on a regular basis.

Thanks again for making it a fun afternoon!

Volunteer Spotlight

Sr. Emilia volunteers at The Shopfront on a Friday and is well known for her kindness and generosity of donated items. This is what she has to say about being a volunteer;

“My name is Sr. Emilia and I belong to the congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. I am Registered Nurse and I’m working in Hollywood Private Hospital. About Shopfront I learnt for the first time from Christmas Appeal in 2013. Later on during conversation with our friend Fr. Ken Keating I mentioned that I would like to do some voluntary work and to my surprise he asked me why I don’t try the Shopfront. The same day I call Brian, the Director, 1 hour later had an interview and since that, for the last 5 years one day a week, I have been coming to the Shopfront. Why? My first intention was to give but with time I realized that I’m gaining much more than I can ever give back. Meeting so many wonderful volunteers who come and give their time, talents. Meeting our visitors whose lives have been so difficult that I cannot even imagine. Seeing their struggles to survive from day to day and not giving up it puts my life and my personal struggles in right perspective. I learnt many things in Shopfront, but one is for sure I would never judge and look at person on the street the some way. I am thankful to God that He show me the way to the Shopfront.”

Thank you Sr. Emilia, we love having you here as part of The Shopfront family!

Visitors Christmas Party – Volunteer Assistance

Christmas Party for the visitors will once again be at The Rise on Saturday November 30th with volunteers required from 9.30am on the day.

Rosemary has begun the preparations and from Monday 18th November she will require helpers to sort presents and then from Monday 25th November we will be filling the red bags.

If you can assist in any way please let Rosemary know times and days you are available.

We would really appreciate any extra help over this time.

End of Year/New Year Dates

Tues 17th December           – Last Tuesday Evening in 2019 for Visitors

Weds 18th December         – Last Day in 2019 for Visitors – Shopfront Closed

Weds 29th January             – First Day in 2020 for Visitors – Shopfront Opens

TAFE Student

We have Elif starting with us on Monday 4th November for a five week placement.

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